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The images of Andrew Wernick explore the nature of light in an abstract form with a fascination of the interrelationship of color and music. The sensations appear to be analogous but in different frequencies. Wernick’s artwork ranges from original works on paper and collage, to larger images on canvas. The work may be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. When Andrew’s not painting, he can be found practicing an invention or fugue by Bach on his Steinway piano, or lying on a beach trying to make some sense out of another computer manual.


Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA, 1964-68
Studied Art with Barry Moser

Tufts University, Boston, MA, 1968-73
Bachelor of Art, Cum Laude. Affiliated studies with the Boston
Museum School of Fine Arts

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 1973-78
Bachelor of Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture and Design

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
Fellowship in conjunction with University of British Columbia, 1977-78


Van Leer and Company, Amsterdam, Holland; Apprentice in printing monogram Henry Moore, by Henry Moore, 1968.

Royal Canadian Aerial Theatre, Balloon and Kite Events for community groups, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 1973-76.

San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop, under the direction of Anna Halprin, 1978-82.

“Gold Nugget Merit Award” from Sun/Coast Architect/Builder magazine, for the residential remodel of the Nichols residence, San Anselmo, CA, as project designer for Richard Jessup & Associates, 1984.

Artwork for Album Cover, “Mo Wasabi”, by Randy Bernsen, Zebra Records, Los Angeles, CA, 1986.

Portfolio of drawings selected for Jazz Series by MCA / Impulse Records, Los Angeles, CA, 1988.

Artwork commissioned for magazine cover, The Golden Road, a music publication on the Grateful Dead, 1987.

Artwork & Poster commissioned for the “Connoisseur Ski Invitational”, Crystal Mountain, WA; Squaw Valley, CA; Vail, CO; 1991-93.

“Medicine Hat Series” published by Dynacare Inc., Toronto, Canada, 1994.

“Rising Star Series” commissioned by Jeff Hawkins, founder of the PalmPilot, 1997.“Rising Star Series” commissioned by Jeff Hawkins, founder of the PalmPilot, 1997.


1970......University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, “Group Show”

1973..... Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, 54th National Exhibition; Honorable Mention

1983..... Berkeley Art Center, “Juried Show”, Berkeley, CA

1984......Nanny Goat Hill Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Pulse of the City” Show

1985......Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, Invitational Show
............Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, 66th National Exhibition

1986.... Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, 67th National Exhibition
...........Amnesty International Invitational Art Auction, Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1987.... Longmeadow Annual, Longmeadow, MA, Graphics Award
...........Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Group Show

1988 ....Connecticut Watercolor Society, 48th Annual Exhibition, West Hartford, CT
...........Paier College of Art Award
...........Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield,MA, 69th National Exhibition

1989.... Longmeadow Annual, Longmeadow, MA, 1st Place Graphics
..........MCA Recording Studios Inaugural Invitational Show, Los Angeles, CA
..... ....SYNC Gallery, Northampton, MA, Group Show

1990 ... Longmeadow Annual, Longmeadow, MA
.........“Repeated Surfaces”, Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, IL

1991.....Bay State Center Invitational, Springfield, MA
...........Gail Hermann Shea Gallery, Winooski, VT, Group Show
...........Stage West Exhibition and Auction, Springfield, MA

1992....Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Group Show
..........Stage West Exhibition and Auction, Springfield, MA

1995 ....C.W. Davis Gallery, Springfield, MA, Group Show
..........Schoonmaker Art Alliance, Sausalito, CA, Group Show

1996.... Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield,MA, Selected Works,
...........Spazi Gallery, Stockbridge, MA, Group Show
...........The Bay Model, Sausalito, CA, The Schoonmaker Group Show

1999 ....New Mexico State University, Grants, NM, Group Show
...........University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, Cibola Arts Council Exhibition
...........Okizu Foundation’s “Art Inspiring Hope” Exhibition and Benefit, San Francisco, CA
...........24 Hours of Aspen, Exhibition and Benefit, Aspen, CO

2001 ....Falkirk Annual Exhibition, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA
.............Flag Show and Benefit for The American Red Cross, The Bay Model Visitor's Center, Sausalito, CA,


Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA
Dr. Nicolaas Brouw, The Hague, Holland
The Jean Brown Archive, J. Paul Getty Museum,
Malibu, CA
Capitol Records, Inc., Hollywood, CA
Children’s Hospital of Oakland, Oakland, CA
The Clorox Company, Oakland,CA
Dreyfus Brokerage Services, Los Angeles, CA
Donna Dubinsky, Palo Alto, CA
EBAY, San Jose, CA
Elektra / Asylum / Nonesuch Records, NY, NY
Ernst & Young, Los Angeles, CA
The Indus Group, San Francisco, CA
Ken-Ichi Kanazawa, Tokyo, Japan
Jim and Teresa Kruger, Palos-Verdes Estates, CA
Mary Grace, NY,NY
David and Karen Gray, Malibu, CA
Jeff and Janet Hawkins, Palo Alto, CA
Handspring Inc., Mountain View, CA
Kevin Hoben, Farmington, CT
House + House Architects, San Francisco, CA
W. Dean Kirkpatrick D.D.S., San Francisco, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Latner, Toronto, Canada
Lever Brothers, Inc., NY, NY
Macy’s of California, San Francisco, CA
Merrill Lynch, Los Angeles, CA
Hale and Anne Milgrim, Los Angeles, CA
Barry Moser, Hatfield, MA
Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA
National Bank of Detroit, Chicago, IL
Frank and Liz Newman, NY,NY
Paul and Melanie Nichols, San Anselmo, CA
Dr. Jeroen & Louisette Nauta, Rotterdam, Holland
Nordstrom, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Pacific Telesis, San Francisco, CA
The Packard Foundation, Palo Alto, CA
Ed Russell, San Francisco, CA
Larry and Mary Saxon, Mill Valley, CA
Andrea Schwartz, San Francisco, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Shear, Toronto, Canada
Mineo Tanaka Architects, Vancouver, BC, Canada
University of California, Berkeley, CA
University of California Medical Center, San Diego
Visa USA, San Francisco, CA
Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA
Roger and Marcie Wilson, Springfield, MA
Zebra Records, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Zuckerman & McQuiller, San Francisco, CA